Hey there, guys!

Admin 2 here!

Erm, I need a better alias.

You guys can call me…


That’s a stupid name, so it’s works.


And Admin 1 can be…



I’ll update as much as I can, since I’ll have the computer to myself during the weekend.


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Anonymous said: update?

no submissions lately

I’ve been busy with another blog and with life so unless admin 2 ever updates then don’t really expect much


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I just happened to notice this.

Rainbow hair aside THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON

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Wow, we really need to update more.


[For the record this is not the usual admin, my dears]

I think it’s time I go back into the goldmine and go dig up a couple of ‘em.

Wish me luck~.


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:( sad. Shizuo hit her with a vending machine…
Credit to <removed username>


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So I made an OC u guise!!!!!1!!!!!one!!! and rote a story for it 2!! hope u liek it!!1


wun dai thr wuz a VRY PRITTEH GURL walking down teh streit, n it wuz in Ikubookuroh (ay cant spel srry LOL) nd She wuz walking too ay vendng mcheen (LOLOLOL GETTIT VNDING MCHEEN ITS FUNNY HAHAHA) but she ddnt wnt any uv teh drnks bcuz she wuznt thrsty nd alslo soda woud make her teethe rotted. bcuz she alwayze tayks gud caer uv her PURFECT FAYC. :DDDD But ten all uv ay suddin?!?!?! teh vendng mcheen FLEWD OVAR HER HED!!!!!1!! shee skreemd bcuz she wuz scred. tHEN der was a gaint CRSH BAM BOOM!!! nios nd teh gurl coverd her neko neko eers in pane. bBut ten shee lukked up an saw her NUMBR 1 herro!!! (evn more than america lol) whu mey or mey not hve ben also a cmpletee SOCEOPATH??? nd snce thes iz ekeBookuro (stll cant spell sorry hahahaa) itt wuz ovbiusly IZAYA <3<3<3<3<3 nd he cot her in hiz vere manlee armz. teh gurl swounded nd sed “OH IZAYA U R TTLY MAI FVRIT CARACTUR” nd teh 4th walle broek w/ teh forc of thier luv.

but den!!!!!!!1!!!!onee!!!!!1 sumthin happend, shizuo wuz beein a meenie n treyed to thro a hooge STOP SINE at dem, onlee den izaya <3<3<3<3 stabed Shizu o w/ hiz nife and he creyed. Teh gurl loked at izaya withe sperklee kawaii eyez ad sed her naym wuz Sparkle Crystalle Dymond Emrald Saffire (dat’s liek a sapire onle w/ FIER init so its majik) an den they got marrid!!! bcuz it wuz luv at furst site. even tho sparkle wuz onlee fifteen??? nyway den her nayme turned intoo sparke Crystalle Dymond Emrald safFire Orehra??? hahah i stil cant spell i told u haha


(oh my god I think my IQ just dropped)

(excuse me while I go throw up in a pool of my own blood)

are you kidding this is the best OC to ever exist everyone else can go home

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By the way, if anyone wants me to give me a look at their OCs for critique (since I’m apparently giving advice now too, lol), just message me a link to your OC and I’ll privately message you back my two cents

But make sure you tell me that you just want critique so that I don’t mistake it for a submission!!


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Anonymous said: Hi I was just wondering if my OC would be considered a Mary Sue if she was STRONG. Not strong as in "Shizuo strong" but weaker even though she can still lift stop signs. I'm sure you will see this as a stupid question but I'm kinda worried if my OC would automatically become a Mary Sue because of that. And thanks :)

When you say lift stop signs, does that mean just be able to pick them up or can she actually pull them from the concrete?

If she can uproot stopsigns, that’s definitely pushing it. I would tone it down.

Depending on your OC, you’ll have to be careful about strength. Is she an athlete of some sort that trains often? If not, then there’s not much of a way that she can be noticeably strong. Remember: nobody is just born with unnatural strength. That goes for Shizuo, too. His uncontrollable anger and his inability to recognize his human limits resulted in him having many broken bones as a kid because he was always lifting too heavy of things. But he got stronger over time, because he kept at it.

I think I rambled more than I should have, but my point is just keep it at a reasonable level.

tl;dr If you want your character to be realistic, then make sure their strength is human and realistic. If you’re just trying to avoid a Sue trait, then just don’t make them anywhere as strong as Shizuo.


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makeshift-rolley said: Aiko's creator made a group for her OC and Shizuo.

why do people even do that

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